Notes for Submission of Manuscripts to BAKS Papers

Papers of the British Association for Korean Studies is a fully peer-reviewed, on-line journal.
The journal has been published in hard-copy format since 1991 containing both conference and symposium papers, and submitted manuscripts. From Volume 14 (2012), Papers has become an on-line journal.

The journal accepts manuscripts for articles within any area of the arts, humanities and social sciences which examine Korea in either contemporary or historical times. Submissions which include a comparative discussion of issues in other East Asian nations are welcome.

Persons submitting articles for consideration should note the following requirements:
1) Articles should be submitted only in English. Because BAKS Papers is a European journal, British spelling conventions are preferred.

2) The body of the manuscript should normally be around 5,000 words in length. Endnotes, bibliography, and other additional material are excluded from this word count.

3) The manuscript should use endnotes (not footnotes), and follow the ‘Chicago style’ for references. If you are uncertain what the ‘Chicago style’ conventions are, please contact the Editor.

4) Romanisation of East Asian names, placenames and terms should follow the McCune-Reischauer system for Korean, Hepburn for Japanese, and pinyin for Chinese. Terms not given in one of these standard Romanisations should be followed by the standard Romanisation enclosed in square brackets [ ] at the initial occurrence.

5) Where appropriate, the use of Chinese characters and indigenous scripts following the initial occurrence of a term is encouraged.

6) The manuscript must be submitted as a Microsoft Word file attachment, and must be written in double-spaced Times Roman 12 point font. This rule applies to both the text of the article and its section headings, and the title. Do not use bold face fonts.

7) The page format should be set for A4 size with left-hand justification only.

8) The manuscript should have a separate cover page which gives the full name of the author(s), academic affiliation(s), and full postal and email contact details. The cover page should also have a one-paragraph abstract of the contents of the article, and 5 key words.

9) The first page of the text of the manuscript should have only the title of the article at top. The name of the author(s) should NOT be included.

10) All materials should be submitted to Emeritus Professor James H. Grayson, Editor of BAKS Papers at

11) The Editorial Board intends that an author should know within two months of the submission of an article about the success of his/her submission.