BAKS email list

BAKS has run a JISCmail email list for many years. To subscribe to this list please go to and press the subscribe button. The list moderator will then confirm your subscription to the list and you will receive an email informing you that you have been subscribed. This has to be done manually by the list moderator, but normally happens very quickly. If you subscribe during the middle of the night, your subscription may not be confirmed til the next morning. For many years the BAKS email list was not moderated and everyone who subscribed could post to it. As of November 2018 the list is now moderated. Only postings which are of professional or academic interest to the Korean Studies community may be posted. This include calls for academic help or support, calls for papers, job openings, grant application cycles, events and new book or publication announcements. The list will not accept opinion, open ended discussion or topics likely to cause offence or deliberately constructed or calculated to upset.

Please direct any problems or queries to the list moderator by email at

For further information or guidance on how to use JISCmail or subscribe please look at their mainpage and their FAQs and Help sections at