Papers of the British Association for Korean Studies (BAKS Papers) was founded in 1991 to publish the editorially approved transactions of the then annual conferences of the Association. The journal has for several years actively solicited submissions from outside the conferences and the Association, and is now a fully peer-reviewed annual international journal. 15 volumes have been published to date, the latest two issues being available only online.

Initially, quality of the journal was maintained by an internal editorial board and the editor. Since Volume 14 (2012), Papers has become a fully peer-reviewed journal. There is an external editorial board of 20 international scholars covering a range of areas within the humanities and social sciences. The Editorial Board is under the leadership of the Editor. There are prescribed rules for the examination of submissions and regulations for writers making a submission. Just under half of the submissions (including external submissions) were rejected for publication in Volume 15 (2013).

Since its inception in the late 1980s, the Association has focussed on modern and contemporary Korea, but has not neglected traditional culture and history. Volume 5 (1994) was a special issue devoted to archaeology and material culture. The journal has published other special issues such as Volume 6 on ‘Nationality and Nationalism in East Asia’ reflecting the Association’s broader interests in contemporary East Asia, and Volume 14 (2012) which focussed on British witnesses to the social, cultural, political and economic changes in late twentieth-century Korea.

A full list of the volumes and articles published in the journal may be found here.

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