2019 Korea Foundation Fellowship For Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Research in European Region

Program Outline
– KF Fellowship for Graduate Studies(GS) program is aimed to foster a new generation of Korean Studies scholars by providing scholarship support to students who are currently enrolled in an MA or PhD program in Korean Studies.
– KF Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research is designed to support the full-time research of rising scholars who have recently earned a PhD of a Korea-related topic at a university or research organization located in the European region

Applicant Eligibility
– KF Fellowship for Graduate Studies(GS)
o MA or PhD students currently enrolled in a European graduate program(as of  2019 Fall semester) on a Korea-related topic in the humanities, social sciences, arts or cultural studies

o Must be a registered student at the university of the enrolled program

o Has foreign citizenship (Korean citizens must have permanent residency status in a country outside Korea)

* Excluded programs: natural science, medicine, engineering, MBA, law school, graduate school of translation and interpretation

– KF Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research: Rising scholars with a recent PhD in the humanities, social sciences, arts or culture on a Korea-related topic must fulfill each of the following criteria:

o Has citizenship or permanent residency status in a country outside Korea

o Has not been awarded a position at a university equivalent or exceeding that of a full-time lecturer or be designated as a senior researcher of a research institution

o Has obtained a PhD degree within the past five years*

* A PhD candidates who are scheduled to receive their PhD degree by August 31, 2019 are also eligible to apply

Number of Available Fellowships

– KF Fellowship for Graduate Studies(GS): Approximately 12

– KF Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research: Approximately 2

Further details(incl. required documents) about the programs can be found via following links:

– KF Fellowship for Graduate Studies(GS): https://apply.kf.or.kr/selectNoticeAndApplicationView.nkf?notiSeq=&anucNo=A1P0000545&pageIndex=1

– KF Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research: https://apply.kf.or.kr/selectNoticeAndApplicationView.nkf?notiSeq=&anucNo=A1G0000546&pageIndex=1

Application Schedule
– Application Period: March 15, 2019 12 p.m. to April 16, 2019 6 p.m. (KST)
– Notification of Results: (late) July 2019
※ Please note that the notification date is subject to change without prior notice. Applicants will be notified about the result individually via email.

How to Apply 
– Applications should be submitted via the KF Online Application Portal ( http://apply.kf.or.kr ).
– Please click on the “Apply” button at the bottom of this program announcement and complete the online application form. Please note that before applying, you must first register as a member.

※ The application form and all other required documentation must be submitted in Korean or English.

– IT Helpdesk: helpdesk@kf.or.kr
– KF Berlin Office: kfeurope@kf.or.kr , Korean Studies Department: cykoh@kf.or.kr