Natalia Kim, New Nationalism and New Democracy: Assessing An Jae-hong’s Legacy

Natalia Kim, ‘New Nationalism and New Democracy: Assessing An Jae-hong’s Legacy,’ European Journal of Korean Studies, Vol. 17, No. 2 (Spring, 2018), 63-72.

Abstract: To provide a glimpse into this period and the ideas prominent at the time, the article explores the ideas of the Korean intellectual An Jae-hong, a scholar-gentleman whose career spans colonization and was entwined with debates over Korean nationalism, channeling the insights from her work on the period and her book, South Korea, 1945-1948: A Political History. Focusing specifically on An’s cultural nationalism, as revealed in his work, Dr. Kim shows how An’s thoughts on the Korean nation and the ideal political type (his “new nationalism” and “new democracy”) were influenced by Korea’s historical experience and the global political realities of his day.

Keywords: An Jae-hong, Korean nationalism, nation-building, political conflict.