New issue of BAKS Papers published

Volume 15 of our journal BAKS Papers is now available to buy from this website. Please click the link below to purchase.

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‘The Korean Peninsula in 2032’


  • Editorial Introduction, ‘The Korean Peninsula in 2032’
  • Hyun-Gwi Park, ‘The ‘Multicultural Family’ and the Politics of Selective Inclusion in South Korea’
  • Glen David Kuecker, ‘South Korea’s New Songdo City: From Neo-liberal Globalisation to the Twenty-first Century Green Economy’
  • Robert Winstanley-Chesters, ‘2032: Juche-Oriented Environmental Futures’
  • Young-hae Chi, ‘Gazing into the Crystal Ball: Environmental Crises as a Formative Factor for the Korea of 2032’
  • Bum Chul Shin and Il Han Bae, ‘North Korea’s Dual Network of Mobile Telecommunications Systems and the Futures of the Korean Peninsula’
  • Christopher K. Green and Steven C. Denney, ‘An Institutional Approach to Economic Reform and Development: Towards a Developmental Understanding of North Korea’