Niu Song, Islam and South Korea’s Middle East Diplomacy

Niu Song, ‘Islam and South Korea’s Middle East Diplomacy,’ Papers of the British Association for Korean Studies, Vol. 16 (2015): 60-75. 

Abstract: Islam was reintroduced into South Korea during the Korean War due to the participation of the Turkish army. In its more than 50 years’ development process, the achievements of Korean Islam include the establishment of legal Islamic organizations, the construction of mosques all over the country, pilgrimage to Mecca, translation of the Koran into Korean, and the establishment of an Islamic Institute. The number of Muslims in South Korea has grown considerably. South Korea’s Middle East diplomacy began in 1957; its spheres include economic diplomacy, international contribution diplomacy, and cultural diplomacy. South Korea has gained a certain level of influence in the Middle East. South Korea’s Islamic communities take part in the government’s Middle East diplomacy at various levels, and this is a powerful supplement to official Middle East diplomacy.